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Mold Industry Professionals Now is the time to step up and take action. Say No to HB 5007

As with any professional industry it’s vital that the interests of the Mold Industry and the Florida Consumers “our clients” be represented before our state lawmakers and officials. M.A.R.C. has secured the services of a Pollock and Associates to monitor and counsel us in areas of Florida legislative issues, political strategy, and rulemaking that involve the Mold Industry.

The Professional Mold Assessor must take a stand. Licensing which is a curse for some and a blessing for others is on the cusp of being reduced to nothing more than a state fee.  If the proposed amendment makes it through then anyone can become a licensed mold assessor or remediator including unqualified professions/trades without training.

Because abuses were rampant and Florida was known as the place where con artists and criminals could prey on Floridians who are rebuilding their hurricane-damaged homes and businesses FEMA warned Floridians to be alert for contractors and repair services that engage in fraud and prey on vulnerable disaster victims.

Many illegitimate contractors drive long distances to reach a disaster area to seek customers who are overstressed and eager to have their homes restored.  The current Mold Licensing Law would close the door of opportunity on these scam artist.

Floridians need Licensed Mold Professionals and Consumer Protection!

Say No to the Repeal of the Current Mold Licensing Law!

HB Bill 5007 amends the current Florida Mold Licensing Law by:

1. Eliminating the education language requiring advanced education and would only require an applicant to possesses a high school diploma or its equivalent.

2. Eliminating any documented training in water, mold, and respiratory protection and would only require an applicant to pass the current approved licensing examination.

3. Eliminating the requirement of an applicant passing a certification examination offered by a nationally recognized organization and adds the phrase “or state”

4. Eliminates the training in water, mold, and respiratory protection requirement in section 468.8419 Prohibitions: penalties.-

5. Reduces the applicants experience requirement of 3 years to 1 year.

6. Reduces the number of mold assessments or remediation invoices prepared by the applicant from 40 to 10.

HELP support the Mold Industry by Supporting M.A.R.C. Mold Assessment & Remediation Coalition of Florida

Go to the M.A.R.C. website and give your support by Contributing to the fight to keep our current Licensing Law.

M.A.R.C. Mold Assessment & Remediation Coalition  of Florida

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC •  Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant •  Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

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