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Winter, Kids & Asthma

By: Monica McNeal | WSAV-TV Published: January 07, 2012

Winter is a tough time for children with asthma. As the temperature drops and kids are more exposed to colds and flu germs at school, the opportunity for asthma to be triggered greatly increases.

According to the Journal of Alllergy and Clinical Immunology. Three ways winter is tough on kids with asthma and their families: kids are indoors and exposed to more germs and pollutants, kids with asthma miss more school in the colder months, and last there are more emergency room visits from asthma suffers.

Doctors say that the key to a successful episode-free winter is symptom control. They suggest to minimize exposure to triggers and to become more vigilant about taking asthma medications. But asthma triggers are not completely within the sufferer’s control. Even when a parent is diligent about germ control-like getting everyone in the household flu shots, and being careful about environmental irritants such as using low allergy cleansers and household products; doctors strongly recommend being especially diligent about sticking to prescribed medication regimens.

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