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Who would want to repeal the current Florida Mold Licensing Law & Why?

You have to be thinking the same thing I am.  Who would want to repeal the current Mold Licensing Law that protects Floridians from fraud and scams?

The current Law helps Floridians by providing them with a minimum standard that must be met ensuring that when they hire a licensed mold inspector or remediator they will be experienced and trained.

Any Floridian can check the history of a licensed mold inspector or remediator by going to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, FDBPR.

Any Floridian can also file a complaint against any licensed mold inspector or remediator with the FDBPR helping to protect the next Floridian by providing information on the licensed mold inspectors or remediators performance.

That’s all a true benefit to Floridians, Right?

Mold Professionals are now being held accountable; must meet a minimum standard, carry adequate insurance, and the consumer can either report misconduct or review prior misconduct by any licensed mold professional they want to hire.

So why would Representative Grant and Senator Norman file HB 4171 and SB 1244 in an effort to repeal the current Mold-related Services Licensing Law?

Maybe this will help clear the air a bit.

The Lobbying firm of Florida Capitol Advocates which includes former Sen. John Grant, was hired by the founder of the franchise Mycelium Holdings, Jason Earle.  Mycelium Holdings is a New Jersey based Franchise with no current franchises in Florida.

“Our franchise operation is 1-800-GOT-MOLD?, not Mycelium Holdings.” Jason Earle Added 3/14/11

Florida Capitol Advocates lobbied Representative James W Grant, District 47 who introduced the bill as HB 4171 February 16th.  Senator Norman filed the sister bill in the Senate SB 1244. February 21st.

The Mycelium Holdings founder Jason Earle stated, in a phone interview, that he feels the current licensing law inhibits the ability of Mycelium Holdings to rapidly sell franchises and expand into Florida which is why New Jersey based Mycelium Holdings is interested in repealing the current mold licensing law.

Jason Earle stated in an email sent to me today that corrections to his position regarding the repeal of the current mold licensing law are as follows. “the law would inhibit our ability to expand our business in a state which needs to create jobs, not restrict commerce. We are opposed to the educational and experiential prerequisites” Jason also stated ” I made it clear that I’m in favor of regulation and enforcement in the mold industry.” Added 3/14/11

Mycelium Holdings also markets the Got Mold? Test Kit

It has been brought to our attention that Mycelium Holdings provides the “Positive” results from their Got Mold? Test Kit to mold remediation franchisees.

Jason Earle also stated“We DO NOT provide anything related to the GOT MOLD? Test Kit to mold remediation firms. That would be a conflict of interest. We simply offer the consumer the chance to deduct the initial purchase price of the test kit from the cost of a professional mold inspection through 1-800-GOT-MOLD?, our franchise division, which only performs assessments and remediation consulting, but does NOT perform remediation or have financial relationships with mold remediation firms. Please be clear. This is a gross misrepresentation and should be corrected.” Added 3/14/11

If Mycelium Holdings receives any compensation or franchise fee for the referral of positive test results from their Got Mold? Test Kit then Mycelium Holdings is in violation of the current law of section 468.8419 Prohibitions; penalties.

Mycelium Holdings would then have until July 1, 2011 to successfully repeal the current law or be in violation of section 468.8419 Prohibitions; penalties.  You see the Penalty Section of the current Law does not go into effect until July.

Now that would be motivation for Mycelium Holdings to hire Florida Capitol Advocates and attempt to repeal the current mold licensing law, wouldn’t it?

So if the current law is repealed via Rep. Grant and Sen. Norman Mycelium Holdings up in New Jersey makes big bucks selling franchises to wealthy business men who can then hire anyone off the street to inspect your home.

Jason wanted it pointed out that “You(John lapotaire) conveniently forgot to mention that we (1-800 Got-Mold) have the most robust two-week training program and support structure in the industry.”Added 3/24/11

After all Mycelium Holdings will be providing the franchisee with a rescued Labrador mold sniffing dog.  So why need the business owner or mold inspector to be licensed?  Just make sure the dog has it shots and inspect away……….

Who Loses if the Current Law is Repealed? The real losers will be the Floridians who will once again be subjected to unlicensed and unregulated scam artist inspecting and finding mold in their homes and offering to quickly provide an estimate to remediate.

Before the current law was in place it took 29 complaints to stop a mold inspector who also provided mold remediation.  29! That’s 29 Floridians scammed out of hard earned money.  With the current law Floridians have a means and a way of reporting and ridding the state of mold inspector/remediator scam artist.

Without the Current Law Floridians Lose!

Who wins if the Current Law is Repealed? Mycelium Holdings up in New Jersey and a few rescue labs that get to live it large in Florida.

Post Update 3/14/11

The above inserted updates are a result of recent and open communication between myself and Jason Earle.

The facts are always important and I in no way want to misrepresent the facts in this controversial issue.  The above is a clear view of both sides without getting into specific details of who can provide the best inspection.

After all that decision in best made not by or customer but by our customers referrals.

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC •Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant •Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

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