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What do you do if you have mold growing in your new home during construction?

In an industry choked with energy efficient, high capacity, low E, variable speed, high seer, energy saving, cost effective, options its easy to see why it quickly becomes overwhelming for the new home buyer to narrow their selection when it comes to builder options.

Homes are most definitely built more efficient and structurally sound as was evident in last years hurricane season. And yes Builders have successfully developed new building techniques and continually improved upon their design, function, and efficiency of the homes they build. But still many of the things builders can and should include in their homes they just don’t.

They continue to overlook many of the major issues confronting today’s home buyer. Primarily mold. Yes Mold. What exactly is available to today’s home builder or more importantly today’s home buyer? And why aren’t we more aware of these options?

Mold pretreatment is available. Its just that mold pretreatment is marketed directly to the builder. Its left up to the Buyer to ensure that their home has been mold pretreated.

I researched many new home mold pretreatment programs and found quite a few out there in web world. I found chat boards full of talk about this mold pretreatment or that. Talk about whether or not EPA registration was necessary.

It took me some time. I did my homework. I spoke to many builders and buyers. Talked with a lot of company brass. I even spent a lot of time discussing antimicrobials with many different chemists. But I kept coming full circle to Microshield Environmental Services.

So you have to ask yourself if its there, affordable, and effective, why aren’t they all using it.

Well I have to believe its us. The buying public. Today’s savvy home buyer. Yes that’s right. In today’s market if you want it you have to ask for it. So get out there and demand that your home that was exposed to the elements during construction be mold pretreated with Microshield.

I truly believe that in the very near future all homes will require a mold pretreatment just like they require a termite pretreatment. When it comes time to sell your home this may very well become an issue. So find a pro-active builder that cares about the homes they build and get a Microshielded home.

The research is easy you can just search the web for mold pretreatment or go straight to the Microshield Environmental Services website at

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