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Top 8 Ways Of Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

You might not be able to realize it but indoor air quality of your house or even your office might be worse than you can ever imagine. Orlando mold inspection companies are experts in improving your indoor air quality. These companies use methods like infrared inspections, indoor allergen testing, as well as thermal imaging inspections.

The quality of indoor air gets poorer during the winter months when the windows and the doors are kept close for long periods of time. The stale warm air gets circulated all over the place. Surveys have proved that during the winter months indoor air quality gets 10 times worse than during other seasons. To keep healthy, you must breathe fresh air. Given below are 8 tips which could help you in improving your indoor air quality.

1. Beautify with Indoor Plants: The natural purification of plants are done by plants. There are a whole lot of chemicals which cause poor indoor air quality and several others which make us sick. Live indoor plants are the best way to combat these and keep indoor air clean and fresh. 2. Never Smoke Indoors: This is a pretty obvious tip, but challenging to regular smokers. For protecting indoor air quality and freshness people must not smoke within the house, but outside it. 3. Cleaning Humidifiers and Shower Curtain: Moist environments encourage mold growth. The shower curtain must be replaced if there is a large amount of mold on it. In case of minimum mold, the shower curtain could be cleaned with some household cleaner and rinsed properly before re-hanging. 4. Plant’s Soil Must Be Checked for Mold: The potting soil of the plant might have mold growing in it. In that case, it must be replaced with new soil. This would help in improving the indoor air quality. Over watering the plants leads to the growth of molds. So, that should be not be done 5. Changing Air Filters: For improving indoor air quality, all air filters must be changed often. Filters get filled with dust and other particles very easily. But these filters are also very helpful in keeping the indoor air clean and dust-free. 6. Using Ventilating Fans: These fans ventilate the spaces where they are placed. They are placed usually in the bathrooms and kitchens. These fans pull out the unclean air out of the house. 7. Dust and Vacuum: Vacuuming carpets is an obvious task. But besides carpets, other areas like drapes and furniture must be dusted and vacuumed as well. For such work, the best option is to get for yourself a small vacuum cleaner that could be held and operated by hand. 8. Let In Some Fresh Air: This might not be a very pleasant thing for doing in winter. The obvious reason is the low temperatures outside. Nut, it could be possible to let in air for the time you are not at home. Letting in of fresh air actually makes a lot of difference, which you can notice.

If these steps are properly followed the indoor air quality of your house or your office would improve significantly. This would result not only in making a good environment, but also a healthier environment.

•John P. Lapotaire, CIEC •Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant •Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

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