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The Push to Repeal the Florida Mold Licensing Law

There was wide spread shock among the Mold Professionals, both inspectors and remediators, when Representative Grant introduced HB 4171 in an effort to repeal the current legislation requiring anyone providing mold related services to obtain a license to either preform mold inspections or mold remediation.

You see for the past 7 months both mold inspectors and mold remediators have been working to obtain their mold license.  Some individuals spending hundreds of dollars and some companies thousands.  All in an effort to improve our industry and comply with the current licensing law.

Those who proudly work in the mold industry are eager to improve themselves through education, licensing, and continued education, as required by the current licensing law.  We do this to help provide our client the best possible service in what is almost always a traumatic time of need.

We all submit to finger printing and licensing to show our clients that it is safe to allow us into their home and that they are free to look at our history and report and wrongful acts on our part to either the or their property.

Becoming licensed according to the current licensing law will not make anyone more ethical or force them to provide a better service.

•It does ensure to Citizens of Florida that anyone they are wanting to hire has met the minimal requirements currently required by the State to preform either a Mold Assessment or Mold Remediation on in their home.

•It does provide the Citizens of Florida a window into any licensed mold professionals history as recorded by the State.

•It does provide the Citizens of Florida with a means of reporting wrongful acts committed by a mold professional.

•It does provide a means and a way for the Citizens of Florida to be Informed and Empowered Consumers.

So I have to ask Representative Grant why he wants to repeal the Current Licensing Law.

Who’s interest is he looking out for?

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC •Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant •Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

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