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Questions To Ask The Mold Inspection Company

Are you licensed by the State as a Mold Assessor?

What qualifications do you have to perform mold inspection and/or testing?

Are you familiar with the IICRC S-520? Will I be getting a written report from you or the lab? How do you interpret the laboratory results? Will you be conducting a visual inspection or just mold testing? What certifications do and your company have?

(Note: Ask what the certification requirements for any certifications they have either as a company or the individuals who will be performing the work. There are many certifications with some requiring much more work than others. Some are probably quite simple and, unfortunately, do not connote qualification to perform a mold inspection. Further, some may require a lot of work, but are not related to nor do they touch on mold itself. Take a moment to look online to find out what’s required for any certifications they list.)

How many mold inspections did the person who will inspect your property do in the last year?

How long has he/she been in this line of work? What is your philosophy regarding mold testing?

(Tip: You’re looking for conflicts of interest here. Does the mold inspector always recommend mold testing? Or are there situations where he/she says mold testing is not needed?)

How many mold samples do you normally take? Do you perform the mold sample analysis yourself? Do you perform mold remediation?

(Tip: You’re looking for conflicts of interest here. If they also perform remediation, they have a vested interest in finding mold to clean up.)

Do you receive any commissions, or referral fees for sending work to mold remediators? How long has the mold remediator you recommend been in business and what are their qualifications? How long has your mold lab been in business and what are the lab’s qualifications? Do you have references from work done in the past year that I can call to ask how the inspection went?  (Tip: Be cautious of anyone new to the business and doesn’t have references.)

  1. John P. Lapotaire, CIEC

  2. Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant

  3. Microshield Environmental Services, LLC



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