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Is Your Home Making You Sick?

Just one week into summer and many parts of the country are feeling the heat. As warm temperatures grip the nation, millions of people find themselves spending more time in the comfort of their air conditioned homes.

Approximately 20% of the population suffers from allergies and many of these people now wake up each morning to congestion, coughing and sneezing. Numerous studies have shown that indoor air pollution is higher than outdoor air pollution and with more people spending additional time in their homes to escape the heat those who suffer from allergies can feel the difference.

Allergens from cockroaches, rodents, pet dander, pollen and sources of mold can all trigger allergy attacks and for the 7% of the population that suffers from asthma they may also trigger an attack. EMSL Analytical, one of the nation’s largest allergen and indoor air quality testing laboratories, has almost 30 years experience analyzing environmental samples from homes.

“If you have noticed that your allergies are getting worse as you spend more time indoors you should consider what is causing the symptoms,” reported Joe Frasca, Senior Vice President for EMSL Analytical. “There are basic tests that can be performed to make sure homes are not contaminated by these allergens and they can make a huge difference in the quality of life for the people who live there,” Frasca continued.

Simple steps can also be taken to minimize allergens and allergen reservoirs in a home. Fabric furniture and carpeting are breeding grounds for dust mites and also collect all types of allergens from mold spores to pollen. Consider replacing carpeting with hardwood flooring and switching furniture with fabrics to ones that instead have leather, wood or other surfaces. Vacuum often and be sure to use a HEPA vacuum, and when finished, be sure to empty the canister outside of the home

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

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