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IESO Writing the Standard on Initial Residential Mold Assessment

IESO 2210/Initial Residential Mold Assessment StandardANSI/Pin Date: October 29, 2007

Estimated Completion Date: Fall 2009 STATUS: In Development

DESCRIPTION:This published standard is to provide residential structure investigation procedures to identify observable mold and conditions associated with potential mold amplification including moisture intrusion. The initial investigative process includes, but is not limited to, information gathering, collection of relevant historical events and walk through observations. There are four potential outcomes: Neither mold nor associated conditions were readily observable. Mold was not readily observable but associated conditions were. Mold was readily observed but no associated conditions were. Readily observed mold and conditions. Outcomes 2, 3 or 4 may warrant additional investigation by a qualified professional.

•John P. Lapotaire, CIEC •Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant •Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

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