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IAQA Response to Hurricane Harvey

As our country is once again hit with a devastating storm, IAQA sends our thoughts and prayers to all those impacted by Hurricane Harvey and the devastating floods that follow the storm surge. We have many IAQA members in the South Texas area who will be directly impacted by the storm and flood waters. Please know that our prayers are with you and your families. 

As those that are impacted by the storm and flood water struggle to gain control of their flood damaged homes, our vast network of IAQA members will be responding and taking action to provide necessary emergency response. Many of our members have already mobilized and will be ready to provide the essential assistance during this time of need. 

Dealing with the aftermath of a disaster can be very emotional. For many occupants and owners, there is pressure to quickly find solutions to allow them to resume normal life. However, quick and easy solutions to flood damage can cause serious future challenges. These issues must be addressed by experts with specialized knowledge of water damage restoration and mold remediation. 

IAQA staff is prepared to provide guidance during this time of need. Know that our IAQA family is here and ready to provide the necessary support, including information about IAQA members in your area providing emergency services. You may also visit IAQA’s Find-a-Pro website to locate an indoor air quality professional in South Texas.

Our hearts and prayers go out to those in need and to those IAQA family members who are responding to that need. 

Be strong, Be safe. 

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