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Florida public adjuster calls for property owner diligence, research after gubernatorial election

Some have called this weeks Florida gubernatorial election may have been a referendum on the economy, but it could also potentially signal a potential paradigm shift for one of the most important issues in the state: insurance regulation and rates. Rick Scott will move into the governors mansion in two short months, and when the state legislature convenes early next year, policyholders can expect to see a big impact in both their property insurance policies and their checkbooks, according to the Florida-based public adjusters at Tutwiler and Associates.

The licensed and certified public adjusters at Tutwiler and Associates, with offices throughout Florida and licenses in nine other states as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands, say one indicator of what some might call the broken insurance system in Florida is the fact several major insurance companies say they are losing money. On the other hand, one insurance provider, Homeowners Choice, just declared a dividend and is trying to acquire other insurance companies. What does this weeks gubernatorial election mean for them?

The insurance industry has been whining and complaining and calling for change because they claim theyve been losing money, says Dick Tutwiler, founder and CEO of the Florida public adjuster firm, Tutwiler and Associates. Well, they got what they wanted. Governor-elect Scott is on record as saying hes in favor of the deregulation of the Florida insurance market, and that means big changes for policyholders.

Tutwiler has 37 years of insurance experience in the state of Florida and he says hes believed from the beginning the 2010 election was going to be a game changer with regard to the possible effects on Florida policyholders. He points to Governor-elect Scotts corporate background and pro-business philosophy as a major indicator that not only will Scott deregulate the insurance industry, but doing so will benefit insurance companies because it will enable them to drive their prices up. As it stands now, Tutwiler explains, an insurance company has to go to Tallahassee and argue why they want to raise their prices.

Deregulation, however, changes everything.

Right now, there are a lot of consumer protection regulations, but that could all change once the insurance industry is deregulated, says Tutwiler. Is deregulation going to be good for consumers? Well see, but now is the time for the general public to pay attention, be diligent regarding any insurance news coming out of Tallahassee and let their representatives know where they stand on the issues.

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About Tutwiler and Associates: Tutwiler and Associates is a firm of public adjusters licensed in 10 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands specializing in commercial and residential property loss adjusting. With well in excess of $113 million in client success stories over a 27-year history, the Florida public adjusters work exclusively on behalf of policyholders to help them achieve the maximum settlement amounts they can fairly and honestly recover based on their loss and their policy provisions. Professional help from the adjusters at Tutwiler and Associates can help clients obtain a fair recovery under their policy. The Gulf Coast based public adjuster firm is committed to public service and strives to educate its clients about commercial and residential windstorm and hurricane losses, flood damage, fire, smoke and water damage, collapse, hidden decay and mold losses, sinkholes, loss of stock, and business interruption.

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