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Florida Politicians say “We Don’t Need No Stinking Mold Licenses”

Why do we need a License anyway? I don’t know Consumer Protection maybe?  That’s a question I don’t really get asked very often because we Floridians know the actual value of always asking for a valid License before hiring anyone.

At the same time we Floridians are well aware that just having a License doesn’t make anyone great at what they do.   We are also well aware that having a License won’t prevent a surgeon from sewing up surgical devices in a patient.  And we surely understand that licensed professionals aren’t issued personal ethics and values when they received their license in the mail.

What we do know about a Licensed Professional is that once licensed, WE, that’s right all of us, have a means and a way of putting the Licensed Professional out of business by reporting misconduct and fraud to the FL DBPR, Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.  At a minimum be assured that the licensed professional was trained in his profession and carries insurance.

Another really great aspect of requiring a Florida License is that the licensed professional also knows that WE have the ability to document our opinion of their work with the FL DBPR in the form of a complaint.  The licensed professional knows that WE are watching.  The licensed professional knows that if they try to scam US they can have a complaint filed against them.  And a licensed professional is very aware that too many complaints mean the potential clients who review their history can and will chose a service provider with no complaints.  A licensed professional is well aware of the fact that complaints can lead to the loss of their license.

Now that’s Consumer Protection!

So why would Florida Politicians say “We Don’t Need No Stinking Licenses” and push to repeal the current Florida Mold Licensing Law via HB 4171, SB 1244, and PCB BCAS 11-01???

Well politicians are trying to say that requiring a license is preventing Floridians from getting jobs.  Forget that whole Consumer Protection think.  Remember politicians get all of their brilliant ideas from their Dad I mean Lobbyist. And Lobbyist get all of their great ideas from Special Interest Groups. “We Don’t Need No Stinking Mold Licenses” was actually the Idea of a New Jersey Corporation.  That’s right New Jersey! Not anyone from Florida, Not the Florida Representative or Senator that introduce the Bill to repeal the current Licensing Law.  A New Jersey Corporation.

Just which State do these guys actually represent?

Repealing the mold licensing law to create jobs is just political smoke and mirrors.  The politicians want to repeal the Mold Licensing Law because the Lobbyist was paid to promote the idea by a New Jersey special interest.  And the way they all decided to make the idea fly was to sell it as a J-O-B creating get Florida to work idea.  Smoke and Mirrors.

By the way Tampa, you guys need to take note and V-O-T-E at the next election BIG TIME!!! New Jersey?   REALLY guys!

I live right here in Florida and neither Senator Norman or Representative Grant has returned my calls or emails.  I guess the way to get a returned email or call is to move to New Jersey and hire Representative Grants Dad.

Listen, politicians won’t create jobs by deciding that a Mold Inspector or a Mold Remediator doesn’t need a license.  Politicians would just make it possible for more fraud and scams to be committed against Floridians. There have been several unlicensed mold professionals arrested for mold fraud as recently as last month.

If someone wanted to be a mold inspector or mold remediator they could get a job Today! Then the newly employed Floridian could start learning the trade and gain the experience necessary to conduct a thorough mold inspection or provide proper mold remediation.  And when he or she is ready and has the necessary training and experience he or she could apply for their own license.

So…..Just how will repealing the current mold licensing law create jobs?

We don’t need political smoke and mirrors and repealing the current Florida Mold Licensing Law is nothing more than Political Smoke and Mirrors!

What WE Floridians need are Licensed Mold Professionals and Consumer Protection!

Requiring a License IS Consumer Protection.  A License provides:

  1. a way for Floridians to review a Mold Professionals history.

  2. a way for Floridians to report misconduct or fraud by a Mold Professional.

  3. and lets the Licensed Mold Professionals know Floridians are watching, and that Floridians can review their history, and Floridians can report misconduct and fraud.

A Mold License is a Good Thing for everyone in Florida.

Clearly not so much for New Jersey.  Right Tampa?

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC •Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant •Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

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