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Florida makes BIG move to De-Regulate Florida Licensed Professional Services

Governor Scott is

doing all that he can to provide Jobs to Floridians but some would say he is going about it in all the wrong ways.

Ensuring that your Florida professional service provider is Licensed and Insured is the most important piece of information that the Citizens of Florida require  from any Legitimate Florida Professional Service Provider prior to hiring and receiving any professional service in the State of Florida.

This would include all professional services from your Licensed Barber or Cosmetologist to the Licensed Home or Mold Inspector you hire to inspect your home before you make the most important purchase of your life.

The idea that eliminating the States requirement for licensing could ever be a good thing is simply ridicules.

A Florida License ensures that Florida professionals meet a minimum requirement necessary to obtain a license Prior to providing their services.

A Florida License means that Floridians have a means of reviewing a licensee’s history prior to hiring and a way of reporting a licensee’s poor or negligent performance if necessary.

A Florida License creates an Informed and Empowered Florida Consumer.

A lack of a Florida License presents a real financial danger to the citizens of Florida.

The Governors’ idea is to de-regulate professional services making it easier for Floridians to get a job.  I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t want an unemployed engineer (for example) cutting my hair just so he has a job.

I do know that the regulating of professions is what separates us from the old Wild, Wild West.  It’s what protects Floridians from Fraud, Scams, and Unqualified Contractors.

I do know it is what sets a standard to ensure Floridians receive a trained, insured, and licensed professional services and not the proposed legislation that might as well be labeled HB 101 Caveat Emptor or “Let the buyer beware”.

The introduction of PCB BCAS 11-01 (proposed committee bill) is being heard tomorrow morning in the House Business & Consumer Services Subcommittee.

This is the introduction of a proposed Bill that is “An act relating to the deregulation of professions and occupations; amending s. 20.165, F.S.;”

This is an attempt to deregulate professions from Auctioneers, Barbers, Home Inspectors, Interior Designers, Mold-Related Services, Surveyors and many, many more.

Check to see if you may no longer need your professional license in the proposed legislation.

Committee members who need to be contacted to STOP the madness. Bovo, Jr., Esteban L. (R) Chair, Roberson, Kenneth L. (R) Vice Chair, Abruzzo, Joseph (D) Democratic Ranking Member, Ahern, Larry (R), Artiles, Frank (R), Crisafulli, Steve (R), Eisnaugle, Eric (R), Goodson, Tom (R), Jones, Mia L. (D), Nuñez, Jeanette M. (R), Patronis, Jimmy (R), Rouson, Darryl Ervin (D), Slosberg, Irving (D), Stafford, Cynthia A. (D), Young, Dana D. (R)

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC •Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant •Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

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