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Common Questions about Mold Allergies:

How do I know if I have mold in my house?:

There are several different methods to find out if you have mold in your home. Many signs of mold can be found visually, like spots of discoloration or “fuzzy” patches. A sure sign that you had mold is that “musty” smell that often occurs in basements, which is caused by the odor of certain varieties of mold spores. If you cannot see or smell any signs of mold, having your home tested will help you determine if mold is hiding in your home. There are many different professional mold testing services as well as do-it-yourself test kits that will help you determine if you have more mold spores in your home than is healthy.

Do only older homes have mold problems?:

No; older homes can sometimes harbor less mold spores than newly constructed homes. Though older homes are more likely to have older and possibly decaying wood, grout and carpeting that mold will feed on, newer homes are just as susceptible to mold growth. In the case of new, energy-efficient homes, their almost air tight construction causes allergens like mold to be condensed, whereas drafty, older homes allow the number of mold spores to dissipate.

When is it time to get professional help with mold?:

There are 3 instances where is is important to contact a professional mold remediation service:

•If you can see black mold (which could be the highly toxic Stachybotrys mold) •If you have had 24 or more hours of standing flood water in your home •If mold is covering more than 2 square feet in your home Check your yellow pages under “Fire and Water Damage Restoration” or “Mold Remediation” for local clean-up services.

Is there a way to treat my mold allergies?:

Over the counter allergy medications will help with the symptoms caused by mold allergies. If you have a severe reaction to mold, you might want to visit an allergist order to find out the best treatment for your allergies.

How can I tell is a certain day will be worse than another for my mold allergies?

Along with pollen counts, often the mold spore count for your area is available through websites like This will help you to determine which days will impact your allergies.

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